What Is Better: BoardMaps or Diligent Board Portal Software?

If you need a board platform comparison, this is the article where you can read about it. The interesting fact about board software is that it is not just for ordinary managers and CEOs. All team workers are free to make use of it to determine tasks, share documents, and achieve common goals.

What Is a Board Platform?

The Board Portal is an online service for meeting directors and managers. The platform differs from other programs in that it offers plenty of useful options for managing board meetings. Registered users have easy access to board data.

The vault reduces paperwork and allows directors to store and share highly confidential information without any risk of being compromised. More than that, the capabilities of such portals include tools for team collaboration and tracking the activity of each of the meeting participants.

Things You Should Take into Account Whilst Comparing Software Boards

Below are the key features to look at when comparing such platforms:

  1. Participants catalog. This option makes it easy to check committee or board members and access their contact data.
  2. Mobile support. If you need to compare board software, being able to use it on the move should be an important option.
  3. Steering committees. It allows businessmen to separate meeting participants into different groups and keep a throng with a specific committee if needed.
  4. Collaboration peculiarities. This ensures that interested parties are able to read or even comment on files that most software reviews consider being essential.
  5. Information management. A set of data management options that allow businessmen to manage access rights, upload files, and share them with other team members.
  6. Planning. This is an important option of most board portals because it allows businessmen to create and coordinate meetings.

BoardMaps Specialties

This virtual meeting platform will be a useful tool for both non-profit enterprises, financial institutions and corporations. The board portal is used by more than 500 client organizations. This software is characterized by quality preparation and the ability to focus on the objectives of the meeting.

The portal includes software for the agenda of the meeting of the board of directors. It is known that before the directors begin negotiations, the secretary must draw up the agenda, and only then shares it with the meeting participants. Thanks to this application, collaboration tools and communication are available remotely.

It is worth mentioning another important function of the software, that is, the management of meetings of the board of directors. Thus, administrators control data, functions, access, and track tasks.

Diligent Board Features

The Diligent board platform is used primarily by non-profit businesses. The software offers its customers secure storage and an easy-to-manage interface that reduces business risks. Solutions for the Board of Directors portal allow customers to correctly draw up minutes of meetings. Simply put, creation, editing, information exchange take place on a documentless platform.

The portal is agenda management software. It is suitable for any conference, so the software offers tools for holding it. It is worth noting that the provider can also be used as board management software. Clients of the board software are free to communicate with customer support managers by phoning them.